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The longest journeys are
often the most rewarding.

I like to be vulnerable with my clients. And to be totally vulnerable, I’ve had my own history of complex trauma that have all lead to the path I’m on today. Some of these traumas include childhood sexual abuse, bullying, domestic violence, sexual assault, and most recently, some blended family trauma, as well.

I’ve been through the depths of depression, anxiety, low self esteem and deep deep shame throughout my life since very young. I like to call these experiences that lead me to a really dark place divine storms. As awful as those times and experiences were, I’m so grateful for it all, as these divine storms lead me to my spiritual awakening, to many beautiful truths, to who I really am and my soul purpose.

When you look at my past, it makes sense why I’m so passionate about helping others heal and awaken to their own power + soul purpose. I have been through not only a spiritual awakening, but an awakening to many truths, as well as a Dark Night of the Soul (ego death). I believe I was put through all of this in order to help guide and support those during The Great Awakening (what we’re experiencing now in 2020 and beyond). And to be totally honest, I’m still on that healing and awakening journey, as healing + awakening happens in layers, and is ongoing. 

My background is in Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) working as a trauma therapist for 5 years. I am now a Transformational, Therapeutic Coach, Ordained Shamanic Priestess, Certified Equine Therapist and Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200). I am dedicated to empowering women to heal from trauma, break generational cycles, to love themselves unconditionally, and awaken their divine purpose.

I utilize Law Of Attraction teachings, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Breathwork Journeying, Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy, yoga, meditation and spirituality in my private therapeutic coaching practice. I hold safe space for integrating all of your parts so you can live and create from a state of wholeness, joy, peace, love and purpose. As well as remove the blocks that prevent you from living your most authentic life and manifest your wildest dreams and desires!